Factors and guide to consider while buying RC Helicopter

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Are you aspiring to get the best RC helicopter ? Many people especially the newbies experience difficulties when it comes to buying of RC helicopters. Also, with advancement in technology, there are new types, with exceptional features.

Thereby, every enthusiast should acquire. As with others gadgets, many manufacturers are competing to produces best of the best. Now, we are going to guides you on various aspects to check when buying.

There are various types of RC helicopters, and it’s worth to mentioning. This will enable you makes the most appropriate choice.

Electric RC helicopters

This type of drones uses batteries as sources of power. They have been in production for a while. The first ones were using NICad batteries but with tech advancement, these days they are sing Li-polymers batteries. They give a range of 4-12 minutes of flying.

Glow fuel helicopters

Glow/ Nitro fuel helicopters are engine powered and use nitro as their powers source. They have different engine displacement. The drones are powerful depending on the size of engine and rotor. Most of the nitro powered helicopters have a range of 7-10 minutes.

Coaxial helicopters

Coaxial helicopters are the latest type of drones. They utilize different rotors (usually two or three) thus making them easy to control. They are stable compared to other types making them ideal indoors and in tight quarters.

Multirotor RC helicopters

The multirotor helicopters consist of several rotors and have seen their popularity rise rapidly. They are becoming popular in many fields of applications. This is because they are cheap, easy to construct and suitable for beginners as well as experienced pilots

Why should you buy a remote controlled helicopter – Entertaining factors and needs

Hobbies for all ages

These days many people have invested in acquiring remote controlled helicopters. Further, they have made it a hobby to fly them during their free times. Unlike a few years ago where flying RC helicopters were kid stuff, nowadays people have realized it’s a prudent way to spend time.

In fact, it is common to find people waging a competition on drone flying. So if you have been thinking drones are kids, they are for all of us, adults and children.

An excellent way to enjoy nature

Imagine you are on vacation and relaxing on a beach or camping in the countryside. Some places are impossible to access. A remote controlled helicopter gives you a chance to have a glimpse of such areas.

Some come equipped with cameras. Thus, they can take photographs and records videos. Therefore, when goings for a vacation next time, don’t leave behind you RC helicopter, and it will prove useful.

They are compatible with smartphones and easy to control

Controlling your drone through a smartphone or a tablet feels comfortable and enjoyable. This is opposed to the conventional manual remote control. If you have an Android or iOS powered device most, RC helicopters are compatible.

With just an application, flying a drone will be at your fingertips. In addition to control using smartphones, they also offer an opportunity for first person experience if they are fitted with cameras. Now, when relaxing indoors, your phones can give you a chance of becoming an experienced pilot.

Exposures to opportunities

You might wonder how drone flying can expose you to opportunities. But, this is real especially for the experienced pilots. There are various competitions organized by individual and sometimes companies.

These contests are significant for interacting with news peoples, making new friends. At some points, the best pilots get a reward, and you might get a job opportunity with some organization likes in photography sector.

Buying a remote controlled helicopter is a long term investment

Buying a drone is an investment like others household accessories. That is why looking for the best RC helicopters is necessary. The initial buying cost might be high; but, after acquiring it, you will use it as long as you wish.

The only required thing maintenance, fuel, and batteries. With proper care and maintenance, the drone guarantees you years of unlimited fun.

Factors to consider while buying RC helicopter


In the current market, different RC helicopter uses a variety of frequencies. The most common ones are 2.4 GHz, 1.3GHz, 900MHz, 433MHz, 72MHz, and 27MHz.

The 2.4GHz is a new technology and is the standard one utilized in remote controlled and unmanned air vehicle.

Unlike 27MHz and 72MHz, the new frequency eliminates worries about interference from other pilots. This technology uses channel hopping protocol. This means that the transmitter will switch to best channel in cases it detects interruptions.

Now, unless you are performing a special operation, a drone with 2.4GHz is the most ideal. Otherwise, 1.3GHz, 433MHzand 900GHz are meant for long range drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  

Source of power

Flying a drone is a thrilling experience and people with if they could remain flying forever. But power the most limiting factor for a drone. Now, different drones are powered by various fuels. With glow fuel and batteries being the most popular in the market.

When buying, RC helicopters look for the one that will offer more flying time. For instance, glow foil will provide up to 10 minutes. The drones achieve greater heights that than battery operated type, but they are noisy.

The batteries powered are ideal for people who are flying in congested areas. They use Li-polymers batteries while offering up to 12 minutes. They are silent, cheap to maintain and great for recording videos.

Number of channels

Remote controlled helicopters are operated using radio signals. Different drones have various channels. The most common drones have two to three channels, speed and turning controls. These are the best drones for beginners for developing experience.

However, this is not only the case; there are other drones with multiple channels designed for experienced pilots.

Therefore, as you shop for a drone, it’s important to consider your level of skills versus the drone channels. For beginners, do not buy a drone with more than three channels.

Construction materials

A drone should be constructed from extra light, sturdy and featuring extra light material. In the current market, different manufacturers use various materials, for instances plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum, and glass.

The main aim of producing lightweight helicopters is to increase its efficiency especially in powers utilization and crash impacts. For experts, any construction material is ideal. But for the newbies, when looking for a drone, considers the material used first.

You need a durable material as crashing is inevitable to minimize damage to the helicopter.

Replacement options

When you are buying a drone, keep in mind that some various parts need replacement after some time. Some of these parts include propeller components, batteries, and others, lost when flying the drone. Therefore, a critical analysis is essential in checking their availability.

There are some of the parts that are compatible with various helicopters from different companies while others don’t. Whether you are a newbie or an expert; looks for a drone that is easy to maintain and parts are readily available.

Furthermore, no one wants to keep buying new drone everyday; it’s costly.

Height, speed, and range

Some of these considerations are personal preference. Some include height speed and range. This is influenced by different motives by people when buying RC helicopters. For instance, some people will buy drones for fun thus it must be within the vicinity.

Others will buy it for photography. This wills requires a longer range drone. Speed is also a determinant, for longs rages drones they need to have sufficient speed to avoid losing them in the case of an emergency.

Now, if you are a beginner, you don’t need a long range drone or flying too high as it is risky and you can lose it. You need to train ass you see your drone.

Final words about RC Helicopter buying factors and guide

RC helicopters are ideal gadgets for all people regardless of their age or experience. They are available in various types and for different purposes. Nonetheless, for every drone lover getting the best RC helicopter should be the primary aim.

You can trust its reliability and durability. You can fly it for an extended period while experiencing minimum maintenance issues. With this guide, we are sure you will find the best RC helicopter without a hassle.


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