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Having you ever had an idea of getting a gift for someone on his/her birthday or an example, your lover, yet you are not sure what gift can impress them? Best RC helicopters and Best RC Quadcopter  are the best choices.

They never disappoint because they are interesting, and many people love them. Unlike in the past where RC helicopters were believed to be used only by tech-savvy people, they are becoming very popular in many parts of the world.

These RC helicopters may be for various events. Gifting someone with this kind of present would be great. They can turn someone’s less happy on their special event as glad as they take away all the sadness as fun gets intense.

Reasons to choice RC Quadcopters rather than RC Helicopters as a gift

There are many varieties of copters, but these types are available at affordable prices and also are the best in the market. They have gained popularity owing to the great aerial footage that has been taken by these copters.

For instance, wedding couples who need great photos and videos can have their dream met which photos take at excellent angles and great heights.

Not only are they meant for experts but also for beginners who wish to learn and experience the fun of piloting.

Flying RC Quadcopters improve someone’s motor skills and thus increase in sharpness. Depending on the type of flight, the sizes of RC helicopters and quadcopters vary such that you can choose the size you want to gift.

Difference between RC helicopters and Quadcopters

Despite the fact RC helicopters and quadcopters are more famous, quadcopters have gained more popularity than the RC helicopters.

The reason behind this is that Quadcopters have helped a lot in producing incredible aerial footage in history.

For example, most of the exquisite videos that are seen online mainly about beautiful landscapes, and tallest buildings were taken using these kinds. A beginner in RC flying devices would realize that both of them are exciting.

So, when you select it as a gift then there is the highest possibility of being happy the gift receiver. Perhaps there is no other gift which can give maximum number of
surety as RC Quadcopter.

Quadcopters stability is easier than Helicopters

Both RC Helicopters and Quadcopters offer a relatively easy platform to fly and also very stable one. For example, quadcopter has four motors in a form of a square.

When controlling speed and angle of the rotor blades, various funny and exciting things can happen as the copters maneuver in the air. Their stability has led to their application in aerial video shooting and photo.

With this higher stability, they are easy to fly. Through electronics miniaturization, Quadcopters can be found in the market at very affordable prices with no performance reduction.

For a beginner, Quadcopter has a built-in system allowing them to focus majorly on enjoying RC device flying experience.

To whom you want to gift consider before buy the copter. There is no confusion that Quadcopter is more stable rather than helicopter on air, so if the receiver is novice then select the Best RC Quadcopter from the list.

Determine the applications of the copters

The amazing thing about these two gadgets is that they are very flexible and can perform same activities.

Quadcopters are best if you plan on transporting something like a camera or just mid-weight object. The reasons they have big bodies and also stable. Their design allows hanging of objects at the structure’s center.

Unlike RC helicopters which tend to get balanced on one side and thus affect the center of gravity changing the functionality of the device.

Usually, RC helicopters respond quicker than Quadcopter since the number of motors needed to control is few.

In general, quads are superior in the transportation of small objects. You can check here the list of Best RC Helicopter if you want to surprise the gift receiver.

If you need a recreational device, some quads become perfect for the occasion, but this is common for RC helicopters as they maneuver and perform various tricks.

Get your best choice based on expertise level

If the receiver has little or no experience at all with RC helicopters and quadcopters and if you want to know an easy-to-fly ship and harder-to-fly ship, you need to know the number of channels.

Easy to fly ship has less than five devices while the hard to fly has more than five channels. RC copters are very simple to operate at starting stages.

If you take a look at professional pilots for both RC helicopters and quadcopters, you would realize the kind you want but doesn’t give any reason that you have to choose one from another.

They are both exciting and hence you should try both. Even for a beginner, it takes less time before he/she becomes an expert.

The beginner’s level users can’t control the copters in air; they may damage the copters within short time. So, it would be wised to select a cheap one to gift at this case. Some Best RC Helicopters are available under 50 to select the best one to gift. You can get some Best RC Quadcopter under 50 also from here the list, why not check it out?

Consider the budget before choosing a best gift

In the past, Best RC helicopters and Best RC Quadcopters were much expensive especially quadcopter, but a lot has changed in electronics, and you can get yourself a high-quality quadcopter at lower prices which can be as lower as $50.

Their spare parts are also available and at lower prices. The spare parts include battery and rotor blades including any other part that the aircraft requires.

These components come separately, or sometimes they come in the box with the purchase of the gadget. Their spare parts are always available in the market.

Parts of RC copter are available in the market

RC helicopter and quad-copter is available in all the major outlets and at affordable prices. In fact, they are available in almost all the countries.

One can also purchase one online and delivered wherever they are. One online market can be eBay or Amazon and other markets. But checking the review is really very essential before purchase.

They are the best quality in the market and also the most advanced copters. They are the latest trends in the market and, therefore, make them available in every market.

Both Best RC Quadcopter and Helicopter   can good choice as a gift

Though there are differences between RC helicopters and quadcopters, one will realize that they are both exciting and are the best for each person.

They are easy to use and require less complicated maintenance. Usually, they are equipped with powerful batteries and thus extend your flying time.

Unlike other helicopter models, RC helicopter, and quadcopter neither does it emit harmful fumes nor does it produce annoying exhaust fumes making it possible to fly indoors since it is environmentally friendly.

Unlike another copter, these two kinds operate quietly. Apart from these advantages, RC helicopters and quadcopter has superior performance than other types of copters.

Final Verdict

Many people would prefer something latest in the market yet fun as their presents, and RC helicopters and quadcopter fits perfectly in this category.  Here is the comparison between RC Helicopter and Quadcopters.

If you are looking for a cheaper, more environment-friendly and cleaner copter, then RC helicopter and quadcopter are the best choices. Sometime RC Copter buying guide is really important while buying from internet or even physical outlet. So get some prior knowledge before choosing the copters.


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Are you aspiring to get the best RC helicopter ? Many people especially the newbies experience difficulties when it comes to buying of RC helicopters. Also, with advancement in technology, there are new types, with exceptional features.

Thereby, every enthusiast should acquire. As with others gadgets, many manufacturers are competing to produces best of the best. Now, we are going to guides you on various aspects to check when buying.

There are various types of RC helicopters, and it’s worth to mentioning. This will enable you makes the most appropriate choice.

Electric RC helicopters

This type of drones uses batteries as sources of power. They have been in production for a while. The first ones were using NICad batteries but with tech advancement, these days they are sing Li-polymers batteries. They give a range of 4-12 minutes of flying.

Glow fuel helicopters

Glow/ Nitro fuel helicopters are engine powered and use nitro as their powers source. They have different engine displacement. The drones are powerful depending on the size of engine and rotor. Most of the nitro powered helicopters have a range of 7-10 minutes.

Coaxial helicopters

Coaxial helicopters are the latest type of drones. They utilize different rotors (usually two or three) thus making them easy to control. They are stable compared to other types making them ideal indoors and in tight quarters.

Multirotor RC helicopters

The multirotor helicopters consist of several rotors and have seen their popularity rise rapidly. They are becoming popular in many fields of applications. This is because they are cheap, easy to construct and suitable for beginners as well as experienced pilots

Why should you buy a remote controlled helicopter – Entertaining factors and needs

Hobbies for all ages

These days many people have invested in acquiring remote controlled helicopters. Further, they have made it a hobby to fly them during their free times. Unlike a few years ago where flying RC helicopters were kid stuff, nowadays people have realized it’s a prudent way to spend time.

In fact, it is common to find people waging a competition on drone flying. So if you have been thinking drones are kids, they are for all of us, adults and children.

An excellent way to enjoy nature

Imagine you are on vacation and relaxing on a beach or camping in the countryside. Some places are impossible to access. A remote controlled helicopter gives you a chance to have a glimpse of such areas.

Some come equipped with cameras. Thus, they can take photographs and records videos. Therefore, when goings for a vacation next time, don’t leave behind you RC helicopter, and it will prove useful.

They are compatible with smartphones and easy to control

Controlling your drone through a smartphone or a tablet feels comfortable and enjoyable. This is opposed to the conventional manual remote control. If you have an Android or iOS powered device most, RC helicopters are compatible.

With just an application, flying a drone will be at your fingertips. In addition to control using smartphones, they also offer an opportunity for first person experience if they are fitted with cameras. Now, when relaxing indoors, your phones can give you a chance of becoming an experienced pilot.

Exposures to opportunities

You might wonder how drone flying can expose you to opportunities. But, this is real especially for the experienced pilots. There are various competitions organized by individual and sometimes companies.

These contests are significant for interacting with news peoples, making new friends. At some points, the best pilots get a reward, and you might get a job opportunity with some organization likes in photography sector.

Buying a remote controlled helicopter is a long term investment

Buying a drone is an investment like others household accessories. That is why looking for the best RC helicopters is necessary. The initial buying cost might be high; but, after acquiring it, you will use it as long as you wish.

The only required thing maintenance, fuel, and batteries. With proper care and maintenance, the drone guarantees you years of unlimited fun.

Factors to consider while buying RC helicopter


In the current market, different RC helicopter uses a variety of frequencies. The most common ones are 2.4 GHz, 1.3GHz, 900MHz, 433MHz, 72MHz, and 27MHz.

The 2.4GHz is a new technology and is the standard one utilized in remote controlled and unmanned air vehicle.

Unlike 27MHz and 72MHz, the new frequency eliminates worries about interference from other pilots. This technology uses channel hopping protocol. This means that the transmitter will switch to best channel in cases it detects interruptions.

Now, unless you are performing a special operation, a drone with 2.4GHz is the most ideal. Otherwise, 1.3GHz, 433MHzand 900GHz are meant for long range drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  

Source of power

Flying a drone is a thrilling experience and people with if they could remain flying forever. But power the most limiting factor for a drone. Now, different drones are powered by various fuels. With glow fuel and batteries being the most popular in the market.

When buying, RC helicopters look for the one that will offer more flying time. For instance, glow foil will provide up to 10 minutes. The drones achieve greater heights that than battery operated type, but they are noisy.

The batteries powered are ideal for people who are flying in congested areas. They use Li-polymers batteries while offering up to 12 minutes. They are silent, cheap to maintain and great for recording videos.

Number of channels

Remote controlled helicopters are operated using radio signals. Different drones have various channels. The most common drones have two to three channels, speed and turning controls. These are the best drones for beginners for developing experience.

However, this is not only the case; there are other drones with multiple channels designed for experienced pilots.

Therefore, as you shop for a drone, it’s important to consider your level of skills versus the drone channels. For beginners, do not buy a drone with more than three channels.

Construction materials

A drone should be constructed from extra light, sturdy and featuring extra light material. In the current market, different manufacturers use various materials, for instances plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum, and glass.

The main aim of producing lightweight helicopters is to increase its efficiency especially in powers utilization and crash impacts. For experts, any construction material is ideal. But for the newbies, when looking for a drone, considers the material used first.

You need a durable material as crashing is inevitable to minimize damage to the helicopter.

Replacement options

When you are buying a drone, keep in mind that some various parts need replacement after some time. Some of these parts include propeller components, batteries, and others, lost when flying the drone. Therefore, a critical analysis is essential in checking their availability.

There are some of the parts that are compatible with various helicopters from different companies while others don’t. Whether you are a newbie or an expert; looks for a drone that is easy to maintain and parts are readily available.

Furthermore, no one wants to keep buying new drone everyday; it’s costly.

Height, speed, and range

Some of these considerations are personal preference. Some include height speed and range. This is influenced by different motives by people when buying RC helicopters. For instance, some people will buy drones for fun thus it must be within the vicinity.

Others will buy it for photography. This wills requires a longer range drone. Speed is also a determinant, for longs rages drones they need to have sufficient speed to avoid losing them in the case of an emergency.

Now, if you are a beginner, you don’t need a long range drone or flying too high as it is risky and you can lose it. You need to train ass you see your drone.

Final words about RC Helicopter buying factors and guide

RC helicopters are ideal gadgets for all people regardless of their age or experience. They are available in various types and for different purposes. Nonetheless, for every drone lover getting the best RC helicopter should be the primary aim.

You can trust its reliability and durability. You can fly it for an extended period while experiencing minimum maintenance issues. With this guide, we are sure you will find the best RC helicopter without a hassle.


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Imagine having a suitable toy like Husban x4 h107c category that both you and your little child or younger sibling can have fun with. Conceive an amazing toy that you can enjoy anytime.Ideate a brilliantly designed toy that cut across all generations and different types of personalities. Think of a fantastic toy by which you can get entertainment both indoors and outdoors.Hubsan x4 h107c review help you choice the best one from Husban brand.

This is what you get with Husban x4 h107c . This is an electronic toy in the form of a quadcopter. For those who are confused, a quadcopter is like a helicopter with four rotor blades instead of one. It is remote controlled and is capable of a 360 of degree range of movement. Husban x4 h107c is a super awesome and fun electronic toy.

Hubsan x4 h107c review: Features

I have bought these superb toys for my little brother and I have become fond of flying hubsan x4 h107C. I have checked out all of its features thoroughly. Now I am writing this review so that you can take your purchasing decision wisely. Hubsan x4 h107C has some pretty amazing and unique features. These specifications set it apart from any other old electronic toy and include:

Superb HD Camera

The camera is at the front of the quadcopter between the left and right front rotor blades. This camera has a real time transmission capability where it relays the images it picks up to the remote controller. The average transmission distance is up to 100 meters from the remote controller in open air conditions.

The camera also has connections to the SD card slot and in the presence of a memory card images can be saved.

This comes in handy when you want your Husban x4 h107c quadcopter to get images from places out of the transmission range.

All in one crash kit

This is probably my favorite feature of the Husban x4 h107c quadcopter. If you have ever owned or known someone who owns an electronic toy helicopter/quadcopter then you know how easy it is for the toy to get damaged by ramming into trees of building walls.

Husban x4 h107c quadcopter package comes with an all in one crash kit that contains spare parts and an instruction manual on how to fix broken parts.

This allows you to fix your quadcopter yourself in the event that is damaged or begins to malfunctions. It is a great feature as you are no longer left with a single choice that was buying another toy when yours broke.

Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter- RED/WHITE

With sensitive gyro system , 4-ways flip, HD 2 MP camera – Hubsan X4 H107C is just a fantastic quadcopter to gift kids who loves technology by born . According to customer view it is easy to control indoor or outdoor.

Hard plastic and soft rubber body

Husban x4 h107c Quadcopter is made up mainly of hard plastic. Most of the body is reinforces with soft rubber over the hard plastic.

The excluded surfaces include the rotor blades, the HD camera and the rotor blade motors which are plastic, glass and metal respectively. This material increases durability and allows you to enjoy playing with your Husban x4 h107c for as long as possible.

The soft rubber lining serves to protect the quadcopter in the event that it collides with a hard surface. It acts as a cushion that absorbs and distributes the shock preventing damage to the more brittle plastic part.

Attractive LED lights

These lights are used to illuminate the path for you to control it safely in dark environments. This allows you to enjoy playing with the Husban x4 h107c even at night.

The LED lights are also strong enough to illuminate objects meaning that you can still take and transmit pictures and videos in the dark.

The LED lights have minimum power demands and therefore you do not have to worry about them tapping out your power.

Remote radio control

This is something that makes Husban x4 h107c an excellent electronic toy. The remote controller allows you to maneuver the quadcopter easily.

It has direction, acceleration and brakes command buttons. The direction command buttons allow you to move the toy forward back and sideways and even rotate it at a point.

The remote controller also has a screen and receiver for transmissions from the HD camera on the Husban x4 h107c quadcopter. It has a transmission control distance of a little over one hundred meters.

Built in rechargeable battery

It has a USB port and cable for charging meaning that you can use your laptop to charge it. When fully charged it allows you between 30 and 40 minutes flying time.


  1. It is small and light and can thus be maneuvered through small spaces
  2. It is stable even in windy conditions.
  3. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  4. It is made from durable material.
  5. Has a camera for immortalizing beautiful scenes.
  6. Can be used at night.


  1. Though Husban x4 h107c’s battery life is longer than many other models in the market, still it would be better if it has more battery life than now.
  2. More transmission distance could add more value for toy lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q. Can hubsan x4 h107C be controlled with another model’s remote controller?

A. Yes. There are models whose remote controls are compatible with hubsan x4 h107C. An example is SpyHawk.

  • Q. What are the colors available for hubsan x4 h107C?

A.Red / White, Green/ Black, Red/ Black

  • Q. Is there any way to increase the transmission distance?

A. You can increase transmission distance by flying in an open area. However, this distance cannot exceed 100 meters.

 Final verdict

Husban x4 h107c review got a point clear that  is  Husban x4 h107c series’s toy worth every penny. It is fun and can be functional in spy role playing games and kids must be  loved with this series.


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Do you like to present your children something amusing that will give them a taste of freedom and adventure? Then WL v912 helicopter is probably the best suit for you. Not only children but also grownups can have great excitement by flying this helicopter anywhere and anytime. This WL v912 helicopter Review must help you to choice the best helicopter like this one .

You can fly this helicopter in a wide range in all possible directions! Get fun anytime!

WL v912 Helicopter Review: Features

WL v912 helicopter has some pretty awesome features that make it favorite among toy lovers. I am having great fun with my children by this exciting tool. I am writing this review for you so that you can take the purchasing decision wisely.

Features are as follows:

Wide RangeControl distance- 150 meters

Its range is pretty awesome considering range of many other models. You can control the helicopter by remote controller within 150m. It is better to fly you WL v912 helicopter in an open place to avoid interference with the controller’s transmission.

This range refers to the maximum distance that the WL v912 helicopter can receive transmission control signals from the remote controller. This allows you to fly the helicopter farther than many other toy helicopters increasing the enjoyment of the flight experience.

3D action and stability

You can fly the helicopter in all 3D directions smoothly! This will give you the sensation of excitement of flying a real helicopter.

The tail is slightly heavier than the head making it easier and smoother to turn the helicopter in any direction. Forward flight is a little harder than turning due to the difference on weight between tail and head.

While flying, the head is tilted downwards to shift the center of gravity making the helicopter more stable. It also gets stability by the size and material used to make the WL v912 helicopter as well as the heavy weights placed strategically at each end of the fly bar.

Remote control transmitter

This has very well designed user friendly remote controller that gives you absolute control over flying your helicopter.

This is a four channel 2.4 GHz controller that transmits signal that control the WL v912 helicopter in flight. It has several control buttons that have different functions such as turning on the headlights and turning off the helicopter. It has a finger controlled joystick that allows you to maneuver the helicopter and maintain its stability.

The four modes are easy to switch between and allow you to fly under different conditions. Finally, the remote controller has an LED screen that helps you monitor the current status of the helicopter in flight in terms of location, speed, stability and status of headlights.

Built in rechargeable battery

This amazing toy provides you with a well-functioning battery. This battery is superior to many other such devices in the market considering its charging time and performance.

The WL v912 helicopter has a 7.4V battery built into its body. It is rechargeable using a stock charger provided.   The battery is removable in the event that you want to charge it using a computerized charger. Such design ensures the best usability.

For the remote control transmitter, 4 x AA batteries are used. These batteries are affordable and easily available.


You can continue your adventure with WL v912 helicopter in dark night too with the help of its effective headlight. The WL v912 helicopter has a single LED headlight at the front of the helicopter. This allows the user to fly the helicopter at night or in dark areas without any problem. The light is controlled by the remote control transmitter and draws minimum power from the battery

StabilityBell rotor head

Its sophistical designed bell rotor head gives maximum stability. This is like a hybrid design between a coaxial and a single blade helicopter. WL v912 helicopter is designed to maximize stability giving the helicopter the best of coaxial and single blade helicopters. It allows speed and agility as in basic single blade helis while giving the stability and control of coaxials.

 Durability and Resilience : Aluminum frame

The well-built aluminum frame gives this WL v912 helicopter more durability and resilience. The aluminum frame protects the inner delicate parts in case of sudden impact with hard objects such as trees and walls. The frame also adds to the weight of the machine thus increasing its stability in windy conditions.Features at a glance:

  • Control distance 150m
  • Fling time 8 minutes
  • 3D actions and side flying


So how can we summarize the numeric pros of WL v912 helicopter ? We can mention the below points in a nutshell as a brief summation of its pros:

  • WL v912 helicopter is very stable and picks control transmissions without delay.
  • Handles windy environments very well and thus can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Its battery is rechargeable.
  • WL v912 helicopter has great rudder control and has a powerful motor and gives a great flight experience. I
  • It is packaged nicely in a way that there is no risk of damage in transit.
  • WL v912 helicopter has a longer control distance than most electronic toys.


This brilliantly built WL v912 helicopter also has some room of developments. Such as:

  • Balancing and leveling swish plate are much better than average models but still it could be easier.
  • Though its rechargeable batteries are well performing, still adding spare battery would add more usability for users.
  • Like all other toy helicopters, its flying time should be increased.
  • Despite the great design and functionality, its tail is little bit heavier.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) about WL toys

  • Q. What is the advantage of a single blade helicopter like wl v912 over a co-axial helicopter?

A. The single blade helicopter is more stable and thus can be used both indoors and outdoors in windy conditions.

  • Is it safe for a beginner to use the wl v912 helicopter?

A. Simply no doubt about kid’s safety.

Final Verdict

The WL v912 helicopter is an upgrade of the wl v911 and is a successful implementation of some exciting features. It is a favorite among avid heli fans mainly due to its size. The bigger the better right?

It is also a great choice because of its resilience in unfavorable outdoor conditions and the amazing flight experience offered to the user. My advice, if you don’t already have one, gets it.