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With the growing popularity of the Electronic or Bristle Dartboard, it is not unusual to see dart players who would want to excel in soft tip dart games. It is likewise not unusual to find dart players who would be shopping around for the best soft tip darts on the market to master the use of the soft tip darts.

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But why should you look for the best soft tip darts? Well, the answer is quite obvious—you need to find the best soft tip darts because you want to get the right soft tip darts for your game style. When we say “right,” what we mean is that you would like to have the soft tip darts that provide you with the perfect balance and the most comfortable weight.

Top Three Soft Tip Darts on the Market Today

The mechanics of playing electronic darts using soft tip darts is almost the same as that of the traditional dart games using steel tip darts. The only difference is that the soft tip darts are played using electronic dartboards that are equipped with a microcomputer.

These dartboards make use of plastic facings that features small holes. These holes slant out letting the soft tips of the darts to stick inside them. To help you easily find the best soft tip darts on the market today, we have delineated here three of the top soft tip darts on the market today:

CyeeLife 15PCS-Soft tip Darts 18g-180Tips-30Flights (Standard&Slim)-15 Aluminum shafts with Rubber Rings

CyeeLife 15PCS-Soft tip Darts set features the best soft tip darts on the market today. This set comes with 180 tips, 30 flights, and 15 barrels, plus 15 aluminum shafts along with rubber rings in a single set. This nicely designed soft tip darts would surely provide you with awesome balance and control on your game. The use of these darts will surely improve your game.

CyeeLife 15PCS-Soft tip Darts are designed for better projections and more accurate throw. The darts are easier to control and direct. They also provide better balance than other brands. Moreover, the surface of the barrels provides you with better and comfortable grips.

CyeeLife 15PCS-Soft tip Darts provides 15 darts that would allow five players to play in a single game. You will surely never run out of flights with its 30 flights at hand. It also comes with 180 tips, so you need not worry about running out of tips when playing electronic darts anymore. This set is surely one of the most accessory-packed sets of soft tip darts that you can buy on the market today.


  • The darts seem to be durable.
  • It is packed with additional dart accessories.
  • It is affordable.
  • Metal portions are well knurled.
  • The darts stick well to the dartboard and don’t fall off.


  • Not all darts are threaded.

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts is an all-level darts set that you can use anytime. It belongs to the top set of soft tip darts on the market today. It features an alloy of tungsten and nickel barrels that provide you with awesome balance and control on your game. It also comes with a storage case, metal dart case, and three darts.

The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts set comes with barrels that have perfect grooves underneath the barrels sleeve for excellent grip. Its shaft has a diamond cut design made of aluminum. Moreover, it features locking holes for tighter fitting, improved stability, and less need for tightening.

This set also comes with quality flights that reduce drag and allow for a consistent flight path. Thus, it offers greater accuracy. Furthermore, the flights come with detailed graphics for added flare. This dart set also features 2BA Tufflex tips that come with reinforced cone. This makes the tips durable and strong.


  • Its darts are flashy with detailed graphics.
  • It comes with a fashionable dart case.
  • It offers various weight options.
  • It provides a great balance.
  • It is also affordable.


  • It only comes with three darts.

IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set

The IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set comes with 6 darts that feature brass barrels. This provides better grip and control in your game. It also comes with 6 unbreakable shafts made of aluminum. These shafts feature “O” rings for improved flight path and control. It also comes with 8 standard flights that are designed for more reduced air resistance. Furthermore, it comes with two additional flights.

The IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set also features 12 soft dart tips that are made of plastic. These plastic tips are made of durable design. It also comes with 6 additional tips for free. Another thing is that it comes with a dart wrench. This wrench will help you keep your darts set in perfect shape for your next game.


  • It is easy to carry around with its innovative case.
  • It provides great accuracy.
  • It looks great and feels comfortable in your hand.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes with many accessories.


  • The tips may break.


Finding the best soft tip darts on the market today is not that easy, considering the myriads of brands and models on the market today. You may engage in trial and error process to figure out the best soft tip darts on the market: yet, you would surely waste much time and money if you do so. Hence, we have given you our top three choices of soft tip darts to facilitate the buying process for you.

We hope that with this list, you can easily zero in on the ideal soft tip darts for your use to raise your game a notch higher.

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Many recreational dart players are often confronted with the dilemma of choosing steel tip vs soft tip darts. Of course, steel tip darts feature metal points and are specifically designed for playing on bristle dartboards. On the other hand, soft tip darts come with soft plastic tips that are flexible likewise. These soft plastic tips are usually used on electronic or plastic dartboards. Both options, however, have their own pros and cons. But if you want to go professional, you would surely need the steel tip darts.

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The Difference Between Soft Tip and Steel Tip Darts

The difference between soft tip darts and steel tip darts is too obvious. On the one hand, the soft tip darts have soft plastic tips that are very flexible. They are usually used when playing on an electronic or bristle dartboard. On the other hand, the steel tip darts is obviously made of steel and has been used since the dart game was first played. Aside from the obvious difference in made, here are other subtle differences that you need to know between soft tip and steel tip darts.

  • Soft Tip Darts

The soft tip darts, of course, is a recent addition to the arsenal of dart equipment. As mentioned above, they are made of plastic and have soft texture. This type of dart tips was first introduced in the 1970’s when companies began to devise electronic dartboards. These dartboards are equipped with electronic scoring computers that have been preprogrammed for a wide array of game types. These dartboards are also wrought from plastic facings that come with small holes.

These small holes slant out and when the soft tip dart hits them, it sticks inside these holes. The point hit by the soft tip registered into the computer, indicating the part of the dartboard that was hit. The soft tip darts and dartboards have become greatly popular in the United States.

  • Parts of Soft Tip Darts

Darts have specific parts even if they are soft tip or steel tip. If you are new in playing dart, it would be good to know that there are basically four parts of the dart, namely: the flight, barrel, shaft, and tip. These different parts are both present in soft tip as well as in steel tip darts. Despite being soft plastic tips, the soft tip darts may come with tungsten barrels along with aluminum shafts. So basically, when it comes to the features and looks of the soft tip darts, they are not much different from the steel tip darts, saved for the fact that they have plastic tips.

Reasons Why Soft Tip Darts Were Conceived?

Soft tip darts are manufactured using soft plastic mold. They are primarily conceived for safety reason. Remember that the steel tip darts can readily poke your skin or eye. It can also hurt you accidentally or make you blind on one eye. The soft tip darts, on the other hand, would surely not wound your skin if it accidentally hits your skin. It would also not injure your eye, unless you directly hit your eye.

  • Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts, of course, has been here since the inception of the dart game. In fact, even before the invention of the dart game, military men had already played a prototype dart game that made use of spearheads or arrows made of metal. Hence, steel tip darts are basically the real face of dart games.

Steel tip darts feature the basic parts of darts like the tip, shaft, barrels, and flights. The tip however, may be made of different percentage of tungsten or tungsten alloy. They are also heavier and more balanced than the soft tip darts. Moreover, they are more dangerous to use than the soft tip, especially for newbies and kid players. 

The weight of the steel tip darts may range from 20 grams to 50 grams. They rarely snap nor bend unless you intentionally throw them on a hard surface. They are very durable and are not prone to bouncing out. They also come in wide arrays and varieties, plus there are myriads of models and brands of steel tip darts on the market today.

If you want to stick to tradition, you would surely not want to play using soft tip darts because the soft tip darts would surely not appeal to you. The dartboards used for steel tip darts, moreover, are not similar to those used for soft tip darts.


For many dart players the dilemma concerning steel tip vs soft tip darts is a no-question at all. It is a non-essential question for many dart players would surely not like to play using soft tip darts because they think that the real dart games are played using steel tip darts. Yet, recently, there are already many dart competitions using soft tip darts and the popularity of the soft tip darts is increasing around the world.

Lastly, many recreational players would surely love to play using soft tip darts. Parents would surely not hesitate in giving soft tip darts set to their kids knowing that there is a little chance of them getting hurt by soft tip darts.